All of my shooting services are tailor-made for my clients, according to their needs and tastes. I plan every moment of the shooting with bride and groom, the parents-to-be or the engaged couple, advising them so that the result will meet their expectations. All this is done with discretion and empathy, moving with the flow of events and of the day, with no pressure, in order to get a spontaneous and natural result.


I have specialized in wedding photography for many years; the idea behind each project to blend tradition and elegance with a touch of contemporary originality. I want to tell, together with bride and groom, the authentic story of their most beautiful day, creating a reportage of feelings able to impress the viewer every time. What I try to achieve is creating a path with a common thread linking every single shot. Each shoot is not a world in itself, but a small piece of a larger mosaic of emotions which, together with the others, gives life to a complete picture. The aim of my work is to make your most magical day unforgettable and capture your natural spontaneous emotions that arise within you and flow into hugs, laughter, tears, screams, jumps, wild dances and romance, authentic moments of real life. Be yourself and I’ll be happy to tell your story through my shoots and you’ll find out how fun, energetic and creative will be from the very beginning to the end of the day.